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Locations covered: Wang-ching, Seoul, Wō-jō, Hang-yang-tcheng, Kyŏngsŏng, Hansŏng, Sye-ul, Kiung, Hā-seng, Choei-yuen, Sŏul, Keizyōe, Suigen, Keijo, Seul, Kan-yō-jō, Hān-yang, Syou-ouen, Chŏng-dong, Mugyo-dong, Kye-dong, Myŏngyun-dong, Myŏngnyun-dong, Myŏngnyun-jŏng, Myeongryun, Myŏngnyunisaga-dong, Ch'ŏngun-jŏng, Ch'ŏngun-dong, Jung-ang, Huam-dong, Ahyŏn-jŏng, Ahyŏn-dong, Yongsan, Ryong-san, Ryūsan, Sin'gye-dong, Ryūzan, Wangsimri, Hawangsimni-dong, Hongje-dong, Hongje, Hong-eun, Haengdong, Haengŭng-dong, Haengŭn-dong, Mahodō, T'ojŏng-jŏng, Yonggang-dong, Map'o-dong, Yonggang-jŏng, T'ojŏng-dong, Mahochō, Map'o-jŏng, Map'o, Ryūtōchō, Chegi-dong, Saiki-ri, Ryūtō-ri, Yongdujŏng, Yongdu-dong, Songdong, Chegi-jŏng, Saikichō, Puam-dong, Wŏlgye-dong, Hongji-jŏng, Sinyŏng-jŏng, Sinyŏng-dong, Hongji-dong, Puam-jŏng, Wŏlge-dong, Umdal-li, Kung-dong, Ŭmwŏl-tong, Hyŏnŭi-dong, Ŭnwŏl-li, Ch'angch'ŏn-dong, Shinsonri, Shinsonchō, Taehŭng-jŏng, Taehŭng-dong, Seikō, Sinchŏn, Sinch'on-dong, Ch'angch'ŏn-jŏng, Sŏgang, Sŏgang-dong, Songang, Sokang, Sinch'on-jŏng, Apkujŏng-ni, Apkujŏng-dong, Sŏbinggo-dong, Seihyōkochō, Chamsil, Sŏbinggo-jŏng, Sŏbinggo, Sŏbingo, Chamsil-li, Seihyōko, Kōsaiga-ri, Hongŭn-dong, Hongjeoe-ri, Hong Chai Wan, Paegyŏn-dong, Hongjaeoe-ri, Hŭngjeoe-ri, Paengnyŏn-dong, Segok-tong, Changyangni, Ch'ŏngnyangni-dong, Ch'ŏngyang, Higashi-keijō, Dabsibri, Chŏngyang-ni, Seiryō, Tapsimni-dong, Seiryō-ri, Chongyang-ri-dong, Ch'ŏngnyang-ni, Ch'ŏngyang-dong, Sagŭn-dong, Sageun, Yangp'yŏng-dong, Changp'yŏng-jŏng, Tukto, Seongsu, Tokusomu, Tokto, Tōtō, Sŏngsu-dong, Tuksŏm, Ttuksŏm, Namkafwa, Nam-kajwa-dong, Namgajwa-dong, Namgajwa-ri, Tonggyo-dong, Hapchŏng-jŏng, Tonggyo-jŏng, Segyo-dong, Hapchŏng-dong, Segyo, Sŏgyo-dong, Sŏgyo-jŏng, Sŏngsan-dong, Sŏngsan-ni, Wasan-dong, Wasan, Wasan-ni, Tongin River, Tangin Ri, Yŏido-jŏng, Joitōchō, Yŏŭidojŏng, Tangin-ni, Tōjimmachi, Tangin-dong, Tanginri, Yŏŭi-dong, Yŏŭido-dong, Tōjin-chō, Tangin-jŏng, Hŭksŏk-jŏng, Heugseog, Hŭksŏk-tong, Tongjak-tong

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